George Lukas Property
Il Convento dei Cappuccini

Breathe in. Between the sky. The water. The greens.
Lost in a thousand hues.

The kitchen. Flavours. The earth.
Wine. The grapes. The vineyard.
Happiness around the table.
An ancient wisdom.
To be shared and savoured.

There are fleeting moments. Glimpses.
Recalling ancient times.
Creating timeless spaces. For us only.

There is something that is priceless.
Something that only you can comprehend.
You must want it. Feel it. Dream it.
And then experience it. Simply.


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Il Convento dei Cappuccini, George Lukas property

Art Director

Nicola Tremolada


I Cappuccini stands as a magnificent testament to both its restrained religious history and its subtly indulgent future. Celebrating the natural grandeur of the land and retaining a discreet elegance appropriate to its modest religious roots, I Cappuccini nonetheless boasts an impressive array of contemporary amenities and state-of-the-art facilities to soothe the weary spirit and calm the wayward soul.